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Join our fundraiser!!! Help create awareness for Acupuncture amidst the Opioid Crisis

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

By Marieke A. Pieterman

Spread the word: Acupuncture is a powerful tool in solving the opioid crisis!
Spread the word: Acupuncture is a powerful tool in solving the opioid crisis!

Acupuncture: A Powerful, Non-Pharmacological Solution in Solving the Opioid Crisis

About this campaign

With a national movement to curb and even eradicate opioid abuse in America, the science of acupuncture takes on an even more important role than it has over centuries of practice.

Over the past two decades, post-operative pain management has come to rely increasingly on opioids, while underutilizing alternative analgesics, such as acupuncture. Given the seriousness of opioid abuse, acupuncture should be considered a first-line alternative to manage post-operative pain rather than prescription medications.

Our state is contributing greatly to our nationwide crisis. In a 2016 study conducted by Castlight Health, the worst city in America for opioid abuse was Wilmington. Hickory was the 5th, followed by Jacksonville at 12th and Fayetteville at 18th. That said, for the 600 LAcs practicing in North Carolina, they are ready and willing to help in this opioid crisis!

Join NCSAAM in promoting Acupuncture by purchasing a t-shirt sporting the theme “Acupuncture: Medicine for Life.” Funding will be used in growing greater awareness with policymakers and the public overall.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders are delivered about 2 weeks after the campaign closes.



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