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If you love acupuncture, don’t you think your pet would love it, too?

By Marieke A. Pieterman

Is your pet suffering from pain, whimpering around your home or limping on one leg? Does it break your heart to see them run into walls because of all the pain medication they’re on? Want to try something natural?

Get your pet to a veterinarian who also practices acupuncture. I highly recommend Dr. Eve Boggs with Harmony Animal Hospital in Apex. You will be amazed at how your pet reacts when they receive acupuncture. Once they get the “acu buzz” or the endorphin release that acupuncture initiates, your pet will likely fall asleep.

My 14-year-old Siberian Husky, Ivan, received acupuncture treatments to help with his chronic hip dysplasia pain and manage his Cushing’s Disease. Ivan was amazingly calm during his acupuncture treatments. He would typically lie on the couch or on the floor near Dr. Eve and just fall asleep! Sometimes he would get up and walk from the floor to the couch and maybe a needle would fall out, but he didn’t notice. He LOVED receiving acupuncture, and it provided him with such relief. He would no longer whimper every time he took a step down off of the porch. God rest his soul!

My sweet baby, Ivan!

Pets can benefit from acupuncture treatments, too



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