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Welcome to Holistic Heart Acupuncture,

we are so excited you are here!


You are about to embark on a journey where you will have the opportunity to experience a whole new level of wellness,
receiving the gift of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

Compassionately restoring your natural essence

Why Acupuncture?


  • Acupuncture has withstood the test of time as an ancient healing modality.  It continues to be a valuable and integral part of today’s complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).


  • Started in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago and has since been practiced all over the world.


  • First acupuncture center opened in the U.S. in 1972. 


  • For 20+ years, both the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have confirmed the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating a wide variety of symptoms, conditions, and diseases.


  • Over 38 million adults receive treatments annually involving complementary medicine, which includes acupuncture (2009).


  • Hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and MD Anderson Cancer Centers integrate acupuncture in the treatment plans of their patients for various conditions and diseases.


  • Come and experience a whole new level of wellness and schedule your acupuncture treatment today!

Can it help me?


  • Acupuncture is endorsed by the American Pain Society for treatment of chronic pain (2017).

  • U.S. Military Healthcare system integrates acupuncture in the treatment plans of our soldiers and veterans.

  • Most people think that acupuncture only treats pain conditions, but it can help you with so many more conditions! 

  • Click here  and here  and here to read all that acupuncture can treat! 

  • Still have questions and wondering if Holistic Heart Acupuncture can help? Schedule a phone consultation with us today!

Why Holistic Heart Acupuncture?


  • Licensed acupuncturist and holistic practitioner, Marieke A. Pieterman, M.S., M. Dipl. Ac., L.Ac., ADS.


  • Passionate about helping relieve your unnecessary suffering.


  • Eager to hear your story as to why you are seeking acupuncture and will listen with a compassionate ear. 

  • Committed to taking a complete health history intake, developing a Chinese Medicine assessment, diagnosis, treatment strategy and plan, and creating and delivering your individualized treatment! 

  • Accepts United Healthcare


  • Participating Community Care health care provider with the Veterans Choice Program (VCP).

  • You can learn more about Marieke here.

  • At Holistic Heart Acupuncture, we believe every individual has the innate ability to heal.


  • We utilize different Oriental Medicine techniques in order to unlock that healing wisdom within your own body. We look forward to meeting you!

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